Saturday, July 28, 2007

wedding couple trivia

Try wedding reception games to really get your guests into a spirit of fun. Some options for entertaining your restless crowd before the festivities begin are to include them in the reception before it begins, or to add a fun & meaningful activity in your reception.

Description: A fun trivia game for the guests to answer correctly about the wedding couple.
Secondary Objectives: To involve and entertain your guests and to pass the time between music sets or while your guests are seated and waiting for the meal to be served.
Primary Objectives:
* warm-up & energize
* entertain
* get acquainted
* build community & stimulate conversation

Materials: Index cards
Process: Have questions about you and your new spouse written down ahead of time, each relating to you, your spouse or both of you. Where did you meet? How did he propose? Who had what as a child? Have your DJ or MC select a guest to answer the first question. If they answer correctly, they can step up to the mic and call on the next guest, and so on.

Variations: If your one of your parents are up for it, have them stand at the microphone instead of the DJ! If any answer was regarding childhood, you can share a related picture on a projector. Table prizes are always a hit for the correct answers!


after completing a team-building activity, it is important to have the participants reflect on their experience. This is called "debriefing."

with the help of an insightful and energizing facilitator, the group has a discussion around what they did, how it worked, and how they could have altered the result by doing something different. suggested questions to facilitate desired learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. what happened?
  2. how did you work together?
  3. were agreements made?
  4. what would you do differently?
note: participants will not genuinely contribute unless the environment has allowed participants to let-down their guards, roles and assumptions. in other words, safety and trust have been established for people to actually say what is REALLY on their minds. a professional facilitator is required in this type of situation, as group dynamics need to be managed with care.

treasure hunt!

Description: A treasure hunt involving clue solving.
Loud Objectives: Figure out the clues as you visit each mystery location.
Silent Objectives:

build community & stimulate conversation
foster social skills
promote team spirit
Materials: A trail of breadcrumbs...(any object will do)
Process: Divide participants in groups based on table, department, or interesting classification. Give them a time-limit, a list of clues, a worksheet to fill out, and some kind of incentive for completing.
Debrief to facilitate learning objectives, if any.
Variations: Have fun with the time-limit by making it 2 minute intervals, storing the worksheet in an odd place (on people's backs), turning this into a cooperative game, or creating an odd rule like closing one eye the entire time! This can be quite hilarious as guests climb under tables.