Sunday, July 29, 2007

eating healthy is like a window because...

Description: An activity where participants explain how an object and a learning goal are similar. this is a very powerful activity for thinking out-the-box as it forces the mind to go where it hasn't. It also acts as a great exercise to increase retention around a specific training goal.
Loud Objectives: To define a comparison or association between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects.
Silent Objectives:

* solicit attitudes, values, assumptions and motivation
* warm-up & energize
* facilitate creative thinking

* generate brand & business
Materials: Pens and paper

Process: Have people team up. One person will write down 3 things that come to mind. The other person will explain how each object relates/compares/associates to your training goal. For example, the object is "window" and the word you want them to remember is "carrots." One might associate carrots to a window because drive thru windows are now offering healthy foods which include carrots. The participant invented the association and will surely remember carrots! Debrief to facilitate learning objectives.
Variations: For a class, point to objects in the room and engage the entire class. For a marketing event or creative meeting, have participants brainstorm how objects relate to your brand. It silently solicits public assumptions!