Monday, September 28, 2009

Event and Life Planning

"Life is what happens while you're busy planning."

Haven't you noticed? This quote lives in my life with amazing magnitude. We think we're planning, but Life is busy planning it and us instead. Once I got this, anything could happen at any event in my life and it would be okay.

At the start of a session that may included "controlling" personalities, offer this quote to the group. Spend a couple minutes talking about why this is true. This activity may help lessen the need for control in the room.

Prioritize Your Passions

Description: A simple, powerful way to clarify and prioritize your passions.
Average Time: For two people, this typically takes 15 minutes, but can go much longer based on individual introspection and conversations that ensue.
Materials: Paper and pen

  1. List 10 things that you would like to do, have, or BE. Don't worry about being materialistic, if you have enough money, skills, or time, etc. Get really clear on what it is that you want and just write it like it comes to you!
  2. Find a partner to ask you questions. Have them ask you "Would you rather have #1 or #2?" If you choose #1, then they ask, "Would you rather have #1 or #3?" If you choose #3, then they continue on with your prioritized answer and the next one..."Would you rather have #3 or #4? Continue until you get to #10. So let's say it was #5 as your Number One Passion. Set that aside and then do it again, except this time, don't include #5 in the second round. Do this 10 times so you have your Number One Passion, Two, Three...all the way to your #10 Passion.
  3. Make sure you answer QUICKLY. Don't spend time contemplating the answer or your logic will kick in. Answer from your GUT. It's a quick draw. If you had to sacrifice one for the other - which one would it be?
  4. Circle your top 5.
  5. Your Number One Passion is your #1 Prioritized Passion. This means, if you don't fulfill this, then you simply may not feel fulfilled! Your top 5 are your priorities out in the air now. Find room in your life to make these a priority. The other ones can go to the wayside right now.
  6. Now, rate your Top 5 Passions. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least fulfilled (you don't even THINK about this, much less take action on it) and 10 being the most fulfilled (you are on TOP of this in your life right now and have certainly prioritized it. Results are showing up!) This rating activity often brings up some interesting insights.
  7. Then, offer to do this activity with your partner by switching roles and ask them to choose.
  8. Share what you learned about yourself here! I'd love to hear your comments :)
  9. Prioritized passions can certainly change in a matter of a couple weeks! It's fun to conduct this activity every 3 months or so. Keeping a journal of this is great also, so you can see how life unfolds itself.
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