Wednesday, August 29, 2007

nonverbal cues tell a moment's tale

earlier, I was reflecting on "feedback mechanisms" (see july 31) in icebreakers.

what is the wonderful thing about each of these icebreakers/games/activities? they ALL can act a barometer for group trust. just look: are people fidgeting, looking away, square-shouldered to the speaker, rubbing their neck, smiling, sitting back with hands behind their heads, gazing, yawning, excusing themselves to the bathroom, laughing, sighing? it all tells a moment's tale.

Over the last few months, I've done so much research on linguistics & non-verbal language that I bet I could start on a brand new book of TIPS. I mention a few in My Way to OUR WAY, but the list is getting bigger.


Anonymous said...

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SquareWheelsGuy said...

Gee, I hate these spammers to blogs (Adam Brown).

Anyway, I personally do not like most icebreakers because they, by design, do not link to course objectives and I think that a big mistake. Why consciously NOT link to the desired outcomes when one CAN link to them and thus align and position the group while having fun?

Is there any research on the effectiveness of a non-linked icebreaker in the improvement of learning?